Laboratory gas Detection and Monitoring system

Gas Detection Solutions for LABORATORY

In Laboratory environments many gas types are used in testing, experiments or process application simulations. These can be inert, toxic and flammable, so gas monitoring is essential to maintain a safe environment for employees. The gas types can cause asphyxiation, so early detection of rising gas levels can be detected by our gas sensors and immediately activate audio/visual alarms and switch on necessary extraction fans. Common Laboratory and Classroom gas types include but not limited to Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Natural Gas and also enriched Oxygen, all these mentioned gas types are harmful when the recommended exposure limits are surpassed. Any gas leakage in Laboratory environments need to be identified promptly to ensure the Health and Safety of staff or students within these areas.

refrigerant room types Monitored

  • R & D Laboratories
  • Production Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Quality and Analytical Laboratories

Direct Connection to a central monitoring system

Our fixed gas detectors can be connected directly to a central monitoring system to make sure that the areas of interest can be continuously monitored for the gas type level statuses. We also connected our Laboratory Gas Monitoring systems to audio visual pre alarm indicators, including sounder/beacons for local annunciation of a potential issue so that swift action can be taken.

Personal Gas Detection Solutions

We also supply PPE personal gas detectors so that any specific environment such as a confined space in a laboratory or a storage area for gas cylinders for example. This personal device will monitor all problematic gas types while the person enters the room, these are IP68 and have 3 years continuous use with no need for charging. This gives the user peace of mind as with this long lifespan without charging means the detector is always ready.

Laboratory Gas - Carbon Dioxide CO2, Oxygen O2, LNG Monitoring

LABORATORY GAS Monitoring Systems Products

Site analysis and system engineering

Each project starts with consultation on our clients requirements. JWII then design a Gas Detection System to meet the project needs

Service and maintenance

Our service team can provide comprehensive field service as well as workshop repairs. We can also help you plan the maintenance of your devices with a periodic maintenance contract.

Site Installation

Our in house technical team can assist you in the installation and commissioning of your gas detection system. From physical mounting to connection and start up.

Calibration Services

Our calibration facility offers you peace of mind that your gas detection system is operating to specification. We can carry our field calibration as part of your service contract or in house calibration at our facility.

Discover all type of applications

We also have IECEx certification so you can be confident that we conform with all necessary legislation and regulations.

JWII Gas and Flame Detection Solutions

JWII Gas Detection focus on high quality gas detection systems with a complete support package including design, drawing, commissioning and after sales support
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